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Aintree 1957. Losers EnclosureAintree 1957. Losers Enclosure

It’s likely that Jay Spencer Green was writing before you were born, and possibly before he was born, determined to scratch evidence of his existence into the desktop of eternity. Twenty-five years in the publishing industry proved no deterrent; they merely confirmed that he was incapable of learning from experience. His debut novel, Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s was described by Baileys Fiction winner Lisa McInerney as “Savagely funny and deftly anarchic.” His second book, Ivy Feckett is Looking for Love, was voted best indie comedy of 2016. His latest book, Fowl Play, is Green at his weirdest and most outrageous, a laugh-out-loud dark comedy in which the headless chickens are not confined to the farmyard.

On this site, you can read Jay’s blog, where he discusses all kinds of shite and posts various satirical pieces from his old blogs. There is also a Review page, where you can read all the weird, witty, and wise comments made by discerning readers of Jay’s work. Phriends and Fenomena features profiles of the people and places that have inspired or contributed to Jay’s output, or who are just ace in their own right: we’re talking proper talent. There is also a Readers’ Gallery, featuring photos of some of the intelligent, discerning, and gorgeous readers of Jay’s work, and a Contact page for private invective, expressions of concern, or straightforward questions, such as whatever possessed him to write such weird stuff in the first place. There is no guarantee that Jay will respond, and invective will go straight in the trash, but he understands that sometimes folk just need to let off steam. Other times they just need to let off.

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