“I first encountered Jay Spencer Green’s inimitable voice on his blog and became an immediate fan. His was the pitch of screamingly funny we all wanted to reach. He’s read everything and has byways in his mind you just want to linger in and poke around, watching his neurons spark. His particular blend of the philosophical and the absurd is wholly original, and his masterful narrative skill is strong enough to bind the deliciously anarchic and farcical elements of his stories into a rollicking whole. He writes, we delight. He’s the real deal. He also happens to be a thoroughly lovely man.”
Sami Zahringer, columnist, blogger, breeder of domestic long-haired Americans.

“Savagely funny and deftly anarchic, Jay Spencer Green’s writing is as exquisite as it is deliciously dangerous.”
Lisa McInerney, author, The Glorious Heresies (John Murray)

“Funny, shocking. Demands to be read.”
Arthur Smith, comedian, writer, and broadcaster

“Witty, acerbic, and wired to words.”
William Wall, author, This is the Country, Ghost Estate

“Too clever by half. Too funny by three and five-eighths.”
Niamh Greene, author, Coco’s SecretThe Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife, Letters to a Love Rat, Rules for a Perfect Life (Penguin)

“Any time I read Jay’s work I expect my funny bone to be taken on a trip in a fast car that is then driven off a cliff.”
Donagh Brennan, editor, Irish Left Review

“The comic writing of Jay Spencer Green always makes me laugh out loud.”
Karl Whitney, author, Hidden City: Adventures and Explorations in Dublin (Penguin)

“A higgledy-piggledy hodge-podge of style which makes Swiftian use of Burroughs and Burroughsian use of Vonnegut. Set in an archetypal dystopia that may never have existed … or will it? A Catcher in the Rye for the wifi generation.”
Carlton B. Morgan, novelist, cartoonist, musician

“Jay Spencer Green is the most exciting voice to pretend to come out of Ireland since the leprechaun in Leprechaun.”
Oliver Jones, animation rigging supervisor, Laika Inc. (The Corpse Bride, Boxtrolls, Coraline, Paranorman, Fantastic Mr. Fox)

“I pride myself on having read Jay Green’s work without being physically sick.”
Caitriona Lally, author, Eggshells (Liberties Press)

“A number of things struck me while I was reading Jay Green’s book, but I was laughing so hard I only felt the pain once I’d finished.”
Richard McAleavey, blogger Cunning Hired Knaves

“As they say round our way, that guy knows how to hold a pen.”
Lorcan McGrane, comedian and writer, Monaghan Arts Network.

“Irrepressibly funny, savagely indignant, and immensely readable.”
Olibhéir Ó Fearraigh, writer and broadcaster.

“I was there at the start of Jay Green’s writing career, and I hope I’m there at the end.”
Niall Quinn, broadcaster, columnist, Republic of Ireland soccer legend.

“Scathing, scabrous, scatalogical, scary.”
Daphne Wayne-Bough, blogger and bonne vivante.

“This book is a fat man standing on an airbed in a pool of over-ripe peaches.”
John Hyatt, author of Navigating the Terror (Ellipsis), artist, lead singer of the Three Johns. Renaissance man. Quiet genius.