Readers’ Gallery 3

Photos of some of my wonderful readers with their copies of my novels. For a chance to win one of three free copies of my fourth novel, Manuel Estímulo’s Fascist Book of Everything, just send a pic of yourself with your copy of any of my previous books to for inclusion on this page.

straytaoistjoesStray Taoist with Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s in the Blue Mountains!

StrayTaoistIvyStray Taoist with Ivy Feckett at the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Stray_Taoist_in_SydneyStray Taoist (and Moomin) with Fowl Play at the Sydney Opera House!

KevFowlPlayKevin in Altrincham!
AlisonScotlandFowlPlayAlison at the Rest and Be Thankful, Argyll!

FowlPlayScottishPlayThe Scottish (Fowl) Play! (Irn Bru not included)

JasonsDogFowlPlayJason in Basingstoke (Jason in Basingstoke not in picture)

BeninDublinBen in Dublin

SelimfromChileSelim from Chile

SarahfromWisconsinSarah from Wisconsin

MarkandFowlPlay3 (1)Mark in Greece (Obviously!)

AlisoninBirminghamwithFowlPlayAlison in Birmingham


Daphne in Germany

Lorcan_in-MonaghanLorcan in Monaghan

AndyflyingtoIstanbulAndy in Manchester

LiaminSallinsLiam in Sallins

ctina in the Bronx

Christina in the Bronx!

Liam in McDaid's

Liam in McDaids Pub, Dublin

AndyinBataanAndy in Bataan

JaneandSteveinMoseleyJane and Steve in Moseley

TJ on the Great Wall of China

Veronika in London

Mycroft in Manitoba