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Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s has just received an honest, no-holds-barred review-to-be-proud-of over at the Bloomfield Review. Highlights include:

Joe Chambers is … the perfect guide to this bizarre and repulsive journey into Dublin’s gutters.

Jay Spencer Green presents a twisted and exaggerated, but wholly recognisable vision of Dublin … It is a Dublin of no redemption. The whole book is a dig at a country that lost the run of itself in the good times, and just lost itself in the bad.

It is not a book for those easily offended. The language can be absurdly, almost heroically, obscene.

Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s is like an obnoxious spy-comedy as seen through the blurry eyes of a filthy drunk.

My chest swells with narcissistic hubris. My grin bites my ears. Thank you. Bloomfield Review. Thank you, thank you, thank you.