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Every year, the Société des Spectacles, France’s premier organization for stage performers, hoofers, actors, and thesps in general, presents its Estomac D’Or award to the individual or team nominated by their peers as the nation’s leading exponent of on-stage ventriloquism. We considered it to be in everybody’s interest to find out what has happened to those illustrious honorees over the years.

2016. Samira Guérin et Les Flics Monstrueux: Touring the provinces to nearly sold-out audiences.

2015. Yoann Bossis et “Flash”: Junior scriptwriters on Les Guignols.

2014. Franck Blanck et Macks Planck: Playing Obélix on Radio Canal Sud.

2013. Thierry Douis et Sonny: Dubbing Sunny Delight ads. Poorly.

2012. Zinedine Artelesa et Les Liaisons Onctueuses: PR advisers to Nicolas Sarkozy.

2011. Patrick Gondet et Phattseau: Presenters of the French version of The Antiques Roadsheau.

2010. Sylvain Bosquier et Tante Claudine: Timetable announcers at Gare de Lyon.

2009. Lilian Revelli et ses poupées extraordinaires: Now performing as Liliane Revelli et ses poupées ordinaires.

2008. Vincent Trésor et Paul le Doux: Successful career on French inland cruise ships and high-end canal barge holidays.

2007. Didier Carnus et Didier le Bois: On the run.

2006. Bernard Bereta avec son fils bavard: Police informer.

2005. David Guillou et Didier le Bois: Dead.

2004. Alain Platini et Kevin MacPherson: Self-employed Paris bus guides.

2003. Jean-Pierre Petit et Petit Jean-Pierre: The many voices of Garmin Français satellite navigation aids.

2002. Laurence Larios et Boule de Suif: Publicists for France’s Meat Marketing Board.

2001. Stéphane Tigana et Killer: Aisle Four, Carrefour Boulogne.

2000. Manuel Ribéry et Pipi: “Humorous” football commentators on Marseilles Radio Libre.

1999. Louise Zidane et Marie-Claire: Novelty Avon Ladies.

1998. Jean-François Nasri et son Mec en Colère: Psychotic Offenders Wing, Saint Barthélemy’s Home for the Indigent and Murderous, Rennes.

1997. Jean-Marc Vieira et Héloise: Happily married.

1996. Hervé Henry et Suzi Wong: Offensive jugglers.

1995. Emmanuel Gourcuff et Le Grand Oiseau Jaune: Sued by children’s TV show 5, Rue Sésame in 2002. Suicide.

1994. Marius Wiltord et Chocko: Retired carpenters. Living in the Ardennes.

1993. Philippe Ginola et Darkie: Touring the colonies.

1992. Marcel Des Champs et Charles de Gueule: Organizers of far-right underground paramilitary group. Occasionally perform benefit gigs in locations unknown.

1991. Yvette Thuram et Foulou: Still deceiving the blind.